Bitcoin startup BIPS loses $1 million after DDoS heist

Attackers have managed to steal Bitcoins worth more than $1 million (1295 BTC) from Danish payments startup Bitcoin Payment Solutions (BIPS), the firm has admitted. The apparently Russian-originated breach occurred between 15 and 17 November when BIPS was hit by DDoS attack which turned out to be a distraction designed to allow criminals to launch a separate raid on servers hosting consumer Bitcoin wallets. “BIPS has

遇到一个加密方式 只有1和0 求大神告知,二进制字符串“加密”

遇到一个加密方式 只有1和0 求大神告知 雅柏菲卡 (万物有灵,切忌污损。。。。。。) | 2013-11-26 01:34 00111100001000111010100101111110000000010010001100111001101001011100110010000100101000111111111010100111011101110011000010011111100011101110001110101000010010110011011100011000000001000010001000010100001111100101011000001000 以上是密码 [原文地址] 各种讨论: 1# isxenos (此处内容只有点击


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Real-World CSRF attack hijacks DNS Server configuration of TP-Link routers

Introduction Analysis of the exploit Analysis of the CSRF payload Consequences of a malicious DNS server Prevalence of the exploit Recommendations to mitigate the problem Affected Devices References Introduction Today the majority of wired Internet connections is used with an embedded NAT router, which allows using the same Internet connection with several devices in parallel and also provides some protection against incoming attacks from the Internet. Most of these routers